Before applying the job, you must consider about:

  • Work out the list of skills and qualities that the employer is looking for. Bear in mind that the employer may mention some of these in the job advert. However, others may be implied. It is up to you to figure out what to put on your CV to grab the employer’s attention.
  • Consider the organization’s goals. Once you have worked out what the organization is trying to achieve, you can put together examples of how you have delivered similar outcomes for previous employers.
  • Keep a copy of every job advert that you apply for. This is the single richest source of information that will tell you both what to put on your CV and what to talk about at interview.
  • Keep in mind that employee like to feel special- and you can make them feel special by demonstrating the amount of information and insights you have dug up about them.
  • Do go online for research- but don not rely on it. Visiting premises and talking to staff can give you access to information about the organization and what’s happening to it that is not available on the internet.