Combining Skill and Results of achievement in CV

Your CV will always be more attractive if you talk about the results you achieved rather than the responsibilities you held. So quantify the results you achieved. If possible, mention numbers, percentages and money. Because there is nothing like helping employers to see pound, dollar or euro signs when they read your CV.

So rather than throwing lots of action verbs on to your CV, ensure you make the connection for the reader by giving specific example of the result you achieved. What did you manage or improve? What did you design or launch?


  • Increased sales by 30 per cent.
  • Completed a project that reduced wastage by 4 per cent
  • Improved our health and safety record.
  • Devised a new way of working that reduced costs, saving over the course of the year
  • Achieved a 95 per cent attendance record (as compared with the company average of 86 per cent)