How to Increase Opportunity in Getting Job

  • Scan the job advert and try to use as many relevant achievement-oriented verbs to explain not only what you achieved but also how you achieved it. However, remember to mention skills only if they are directly relevant to the job – including other skills that are less relevant can actually distract the reader and dilute the strength of your CV.
  • Quantify the results you achieved wherever possible. Numbers, percentages and money are the best ways to impress employers that you are someone who can help them to achieve their organizational goals.
  • Check that your CV tells a coherent story. Once you have finished the draft of your CV, check that you have included only the information that is both relevant and impressive.
  • Tailor your covering letter in the same way as you tailor your CV. The covering letter you write to one employer may need to be quite different from the letter you write to another employer.
  • Remember that your covering letter should be used to highlight and expand upon the two (or three) achievements or skills you mastered and are the most impressive from your CV.